Day: September 16, 2019

Greatest Screenplays by WGA

The WGA (The Writer’s Guild of America) took a vote in 2005 among film and TV writers of the best screenplays in Hollywood. This list of 101 greatest screenplays is a nod to those writers who create greatness on blank white paper. Out of… Continue Reading “Greatest Screenplays by WGA”

Movie Recommendation: Henry Fool (1997)

Quote from Henry Fool by Simon Grim: “I worked, while you sat back and comfortably dismissed the outside world as too shallow, stupid and mean to appreciate your ideas.” Executive Producers: Keith Abell, Larry Meistrich, and Daniel J. Victor Director: Hal Hartley Writer: Hal… Continue Reading “Movie Recommendation: Henry Fool (1997)”

Book Recommendation: Description and Setting

“Everybody needs a pat on the back occasionally, even if it is self-inflicted.” -Ron Rozelle-   Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books Reissue Edition: March 15, 2005 (first published in January 2005) Page Number: 224  As I’m in the rewriting process of my first novel that… Continue Reading “Book Recommendation: Description and Setting”

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