Book Recommendation: Description and Setting

“Everybody needs a pat on the back occasionally, even if it is self-inflicted.”

-Ron Rozelle-



Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books

Reissue Edition: March 15, 2005 (first published in January 2005)

Page Number: 224 

As I’m in the rewriting process of my first novel that will be done by the end of this year and self published by the end of 2020, I realized my story was lacking description in the different settings I’m using.  This reading material is somewhat fun to read, but because there’s a lot of information to digest, it can get to an overload point at times. As with any book about writing, you read it and retain what works for you.  Ron Rozelle is not a non-writer telling you how to write description so it advances your story forward and makes it flow easier.  He’s a writer who does write consistently and has a good information in his book.  He offers exercises to do at the end of each chapter.  Do you think I do them all?  Hell no even though I should.  I paid for the book, right?  I might as well get my money’s worth.  The one thing I keep reading over and over since I’ve been interested in writing is show it versus telling it.  He accentuates this many times in his book, which is what all writers should keep in the back of their brain when rewriting.  Sometimes, the coffee cup needs to sit there becuase if you try to follow every damn suggestion or rule, you will not get your book written.  I’d venture to say there are only a few major rules not to be broken in writing.  Editing and grammatical rules is another matter.  I tend to listen more to people who have written a novel or screenplay or something beyond a poem (this doesn’t mean they need to have it published) compared to someone who sits on their writing throne and spews out advice and rules as if it were chiseled into a stone.  I like books with examples and Rozelle gives plenty.  I enjoyed reading the part about the different genres and how they aren’t so separated as one might think.  Good book and great information to make any story better.


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