TV Show Recommendation: Forged in Fire (2015-)


Executive Producers: Paul Hogan, Jaim Pasquarella, Shawn Witt, Simon Thomas, Steve Ascher, David George, Tim Healy, and Brent Montgomery

Directors: Michael Pearlman and Alfonso Trinidad

Host: Wil Willis

Major Cast/Judges: J Neilson, David Baker, Doug Marcaida, Jason Knight (season 3 and 4), and Ben Abbott (season 4-)

TV Rating: I didn’t it listed but would rate it TV-MA

Running Time per Episode: 43 minutes


Forged in Fire is a reality show, but it’s also educational.  I watch it on the History channel.  Every episode contains random blade smiths from the United States who compete for the prize of $10,000.  I guess that’s a lot of money in the blade smithing world.  There is three rounds and each round someone may get eliminated by not producing what the judges ask for at the end of the first two rounds.  The first round is forging the blade, the second round is making any changes to the blade and adding a handle, and before the last round the blades are tested on animal carcasses, ice blocks, car doors, sand bags, and ropes.  The blades and contestants that survive advance to the third round where they have four days to create a version of the weapon chosen by the judges.  The blade goes through similar strength and sharpness tests and the judges (J. Neilson, David Baker, and Doug Marcaida) declare a winner by the end.  The show started with eight episodes but over time they increased the number and now there is 16 episodes per season.  The sixth season started on February 6, 2019.  I used to watch this show more back in the day, but I enjoy a episode now and then.   Watch the trailer below although some of it is graphic especially for animal lovers and rights people.



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