Evaluation of Pennywise the Clown

Warner Bros. Pictures

Most people are loyal to the original actor playing a character and Tim Curry is no exception, but Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal was closer than I thought (for me at least).   Both were able to pull off the fake vulnerability of a psychopathic clown and turn into the monster beneath all the makeup with a pop of a balloon.  I did prefer the make up and wigs in the remakes as Curry’s clown costume was more outrageous and borderline gaudy.  While Skarsgård’s clown costume was more subdued, there was no denying it belonged to someone damaged and how many red balloons can he really hold in one hand?  It served as a great visual of him floating in the air.  Skarsgård’s facial expressions, eye movement, and drooling pushed the craziness of Pennywise even further.  If I had to pick which version I preferred when it came to appearance (costume, wig, body movements, and facial expressions), it would be the one done by Bill Skarsgård.  If I had to pick which version I preferred when it came to voice, sounds, and laughter, it would be the one done by Tim Curry.  If I were to rate the two next to each other, they are within millimeters of each other.  The one part I thought was weak deflated his menacing nature somewhat, but I still wouldn’t want to meet IT day or night.