Netflix Docu-Series Recommendation: Inside the Real Narcos (2018-)


This docu-series doesn’t list the creator, director, or producer(s).  It doesn’t offer much description for what each episode involves except where the location of each.  The fact there aren’t many episodes is the only downfall of this series because I would love to see more.  The three episodes run around 45 minutes long and the main person narrating and speaking is Jason Fox, a former British Special Forces member.  He often refers to the men he meets as blokes and goes into areas with guides that few have gone before, which is deep into the various parts of cartel operations.  Whether he’s in Colombia, Peru, or Mexico, he asks important questions of its members and paints a grim picture for them.  It’s a reality many can’t entertain and yet you get a better understanding of their situations by viewing this.  If your government has abandoned you, then you go to the next best thing that will help.  It’s an eye opener about the barrios, poverty, and cartel violence in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.


I rate Inside the Real Narcos PERFECT with Four Fingers and One Thumb at 100%.




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