Poem: Lurking Anywhere


Envy wrapped tightly, no ribbons or bows on top,

just the twine that holds it together.

You are the pieces falling apart and bits left dangling.

You will not get away from me, this encompassing human flaw,

the unwanted gift you want to throw in the garbage,

but can’t because you enjoy this suffering,

this pain, and this turmoil called jealousy.

I can squeeze your head tighter, make you hate that neighbor

especially the man living close to you

in that old house you wish you could afford minus the dog

that won’t stop barking.

You fear he has made you bitter and think you’re too young

to have this anger, resentment, and disgust for the

common man.

I will seize on your insecurities and your loathing for others

you see as better than you, knowing they are for

one reason only, and that is they don’t think twice or even once

about your misery.

Careful that your heart doesn’t get blacker.

When the pieces fall off and the dangling bits are cut, 

there will be warmth on your feet.

For a while it will seem nice, but quickly you will realize

the flames have gotten too big.




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