TV Show Recommendation: Who Do You Think You Are? (American Version 2010-)

 Quote by Maya Angelou

“The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are.”


Executive Producers: Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Kudrow, Alex Graham, Pamela Healey, Anna Pousho, Stephanie Schwam, Cameo Wallace, Al Edgington, Howard Lee, Jennifer O’Connell, Timothy Kuryak, Nancy Daniels, Amy Winter, Don Roos, Greg Finateri, John Hein, Maxine Watson, and Tom McDonald

Directors: David Gardner, Jyllian Gunther, Elizabeth Dobson, Christopher Bruce, Sarah Feltes, Kate Richter Green, Heather Ross, Rupert Smith, Lisa Bohacek, Eddie Schmidt, and Rebecca Snow

Writers: Lynn Dougherty, Reed Kowit, and Crystal Sarando

Narrator: Mocean Melvin

Number of Seasons so far: Currently waiting for the 11th season

Episodes in each Season: Varies

TV Rating: NA

Running Time of Each Episode: 42 minutes

With the success of Who Do You Think You Are? original British version, the producers decided to come out with the American version. It premiered in 2010 with Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmitt Smith, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Broderick, Brooke Shields, Susan Sarandon, and Spike Lee. From there it continued with Mocean Melvin as the narrator in the next seasons with the 10th being the last season to be aired. It focused on the genealogies of Mandy Moore, Josh Duhamel, Regina King, and Matthew Morrison. The show started on NBC, moved to TLC, and returned back to NBC for its 11th season with 13 episodes that hopefully will be released in 2020. All the episodes are great to watch and I actually prefer this show over Finding Your Roots as viewers have the ability more to see the guests traveling to the cities and countries their ancestors once lived and how it has impacted the family members still alive.

I rate Who Do You Think You Are? GREAT at 90%.




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