Between Gnomes and Cupcakes

I haven’t had much time to spare between starting my new job and other things going in my life like eating a vegan cupcake as much as I wanted the non-vegan one.  I’ve been trying to play catch up with a lot of things and trying to keep my energy up when it’s been consistently down although no medical confirmation yet.  I swear it might be 2021 before I get my MRI at this rate.  I really hope not, but will be calling again to the UNLV tomorrow.  I no longer have to fix my car (as that became a non-issue for now) and my parents will be visiting me the first week of February so I’m trying to think of things to do when they arrive.  I call this the one time they visit me in Nevada as that is what they did in California.  I promise to post more this week so bear with me.  On that note, until more later.



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