Weekly Facts #4


Don’t whisper into someone’s ear when they are moose hunting in Alaska because it’s illegal to do this.   How do they monitor this?  Do they take the word of someone who reports this?  This would be classified as a stupid law to most people.



One pound of peanut butter can contain up to 150 bug fragments and five rodent hairs.  The FDA permits companies allowances for “other ingredients” in food.  One example is spices such as cinnamon, oregano, and majoram having insect fragments.  Another example is cocoa beans having a small amount of animal feces.




King Charles I’s favorite joke was to place his 18 inches tall court dwarf between two halves of bread and pretend to eat him.  His name was Jeffrey Hudson and was given the moniker Lord Minimus.  I’m sure he didn’t think this was funny and to top it off he died poor and buried in an unmarked grave.





Pluto is about the same size as Russia.  Pluto is about 17,646,012 square kilometers or 6,813,163 square miles.  Russia is  about 17,075,200 square kilometers or 6,592,772 square miles.



TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) makes sure the product is made a certain way. in the EU and when speaking of pizza, Italy.   A Neapolitan pizza must meet specific traditional regulations to have the TSG and AVPN logos attached to it.  




Hawaii is moving closer to Japan and is due to movement of plates.  It is estimated Hawaii moves between 2 to 4 inches per year.



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