Last Five Movies I Watched

I’m going to do the same thing I did with the documentaries I watched.  I’m going to state briefly what the movie is about and give short thoughts on each one.



American Assassin (2017) is a movie I forgot I watched (this is becoming a problem for me) and so I watched it again since I didn’t remember the ending.  It’s the kind of movie with an okay plot (heard it before, seen it before), involving the CIA finding those special recruits because many can’t make it past the training phase.  Mitch Rapp and Stan Hurley work as a team to discover the true intention of recent attacks on military targets.  While the movie had enough substance to keep me watching, I wanted more in between the fights and explosions.  This is based from a book written by Vince Flynn with the same title.  You get much more detail in a book than in a movie adaptation and one day I hope to read the book.  It’s one hour and 52 minutes long with a MPAA rating of R for strong violence throughout, some torture, language and brief nudity.

American Assassin earns THREE FINGERS/GOOD at 73%.




The Rover (2014) is a movie set in the Australian outback and seeming to be the location of many apocalyptic settings.  It opens with a nice car accident and evolves from there.  It purposely left the reason why Eric is hellbent on finding his car until the very end.  The distinction between being a family member and lone wolf is a central part of the movie.  Eric clearly has a goal he wants to follow, and though it is small compared to say running a marathon, it is still important to him.  The mystery surrounding it remains just that much like all life is whether you’re in a waste land or metropolis.  This is definitely a journey from point A to B.  If people matter, it’s too late to care or that is the message I got at the end.  It’s one hour and 43 minutes long with a MPAA rating of R for language and some bloody violence.

The Rover earns THREE FINGERS/GOOD at 78%.




My Friend Dahmer (2017) is a movie based on a graphic novel by Dahmer’s former classmate, John Derfback in 2012.  It focuses on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer before he started his serial killing from 1978 to 1991.  Despite his parents having a dysfunctional marriage, the internal wiring of Dahmer was off.  He appeared not to cope with his dad’s resentment of his weirdness and his mom’s own mental issues, let alone his own personal issues.   Knowing what came after his graduation we know.  Dahmer died in prison in 1994 and his brother changed his name for obvious reasons.  It’s one hour and 47 minutes long with a MPAA rating of R for disturbing images, language, teen drug use, drinking and sexual content, and for brief nudity.

My Friend Dahmer earns FOUR FINGERS/GREAT at 87%.




Stronger (2018) is a movie about Jeff Bauman and based from his book by the same name.  As a Costco worker, Jeff Bauman is thrust into the spotlight after being injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.  It centers on his struggle to live an independent life from his family after he loses his legs and maintain some privacy from the public.  It leads to a long recovery, mentally and physically, and all the while he becomes a national hero whether he likes it or not.  This movie is about as realistic as they come (not only because it is based on real life events), but it has take it or leave it feeling.  This was what Jeff Bauman is and this is what he became and will always be.  It’s one hour and 59 minutes long with a MPAA rating of R  for language throughout, some graphic injury images, and brief sexuality/nudity.





Mother! (2017) is a movie that I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch and why the resistance?  I’m not sure, but once it was over, it was worth it.  I will say the acting felt a little wooden by Jennifer Lawrence, but I have a feeling that was the intent.  When a stranger knocks on her front door, her husband with a major case of writer’s block changes opens it and changes their lives.  Their quiet life turns into confusion.  This is definitely a Darren Aronofsky movie, but to me it could have been shortened a little bit.  It’s two hours and 1 minute long with a MPAA rating of R for strong disturbing violent content, some sexuality, nudity and language.




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