Poem: Holding Greatness


We hold great power in our hands,

unseen by the world, hidden behind curtains,

inside the bulbous flowers, gigantic and tall.

We have here a struggle for continuance,

perseverance, and a little bit of rage mixed in

when we are pushed aside and unheard.

We will not turn back around nor give up.

We have seen the hungry side of the masses,

blind to the injustices raining upon them,

wet and cold, never damp with a mild case of hope.

We hold onto this image, half illusion and reality,

not knowing when greatness will appear,

will fall onto our heads like coins spilling over the fountain.

We will not slide away or tear off our wings.

We have here a commitment to everyone,

anyone, and those too little to see or hear,

we still hold great power in our hands.



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