Journal Entry Type #33: Time Passes By

backwardsclockIt’s funny how time passes quickly.  I was living in another state, California that is in 2017, and wondering when I’d make a move from there.   I had no idea where I wanted to move, just somewhere else.  I loved living in CA, but it was time to go.  I lived in a one bedroom apartment in the Valley (I feel this was preparation for moving to even a hotter place).   Now, I live in a two bedroom apartment with a garage full of empty boxes and a car.  Here, I am almost two years later when June hits this year I will have lived in Nevada.  Two fucking years.  It’s almost March.  Time is moving by real quick.  I started this blog, hoping to interact with people from all over the world.  It was a place to put my artwork and writing in one place.  This wasn’t a way for me to make extra money because I already have a full time job.  Now once I finish my novels, then there’s the opportunity to purchase them, but even then you know I’m not going to be rolling in the money anytime soon or at all.  That’s not the point to my writing although profit is always nice.

According to my timeline I should have already written my final draft of my love story at the end of 2017.  Fast forward to 2020 and I’m going to have to do a third rewrite after I get it back from my roommate because if my goal is to make it easier and better to read, I have to put forth the work.  I hope to be done by 2020.  This story has been with me for far too long and not to see any tangible result I can hold in my fucking hands is a little aggravating.  I’m ready.  Give it to me.  Getting older does help with patience, but I don’t want to be that person who writes only one book in her lifetime.  I can’t compare myself to others either who have written 50 novels not including other works they have done, but sometimes I feel I should do more.  If I can get done with my five major novel ideas and adequately turn the last five original novel ideas into novellas or short stories, it will be a miracle.  The problem is I can’t hope for a miracle.  I know what it takes and what I have to do.  I have to put forth the work and that means less movie watching and other mindless things and more writing. 

The good thing is I’m starting to feel a little more energy, but still will be surprised if I don’t have sleep apnea.  I’m going to work on my two sisters story tomorrow.  I also decided to self publish where readers can read for free my first poetry collection and my first short story/flash fiction collection with hopefully some new poems and short stories/flash fiction this year.  I’m sure some have already read some of the them, but I’m going to reread some of them and see how to make them better.  Expect some changes is basically what I’m saying, but don’t expect much change in others.  I decided to revamp my book ideas list, which I have already done once somewhere in a past blog post.  It’s entertaining and gives you a perfect example of my procrastination or whatever you want to call it.  The changes are in red and you will notice I had a different format on my blog, which is why the different font sizes.  Enjoy.

February 25, 2017: Pisaries Creator’s Book Ideas

These are working titles and descriptions


The Forever Stairs is now titled Beyond the First Handshake.  It will be a novel about two individuals who find attraction to each other despite their cultural differences in mid 1950s.  I changed it to the 1970s and realized that isn’t making as much sense so on my rewrite I’m putting it back to the 1950s.  I am currently in the re-write stage and hope to be done with the final draft by the end of 2017.   I’m now waiting to re-write this again and hope to be done by the end of 2020.


War of the Rouvels is now a stupid name to me.  I will be changing the name (don’t know yet).  It will be my biggest novel to tackle because it is my trilogy idea. It will fall under the genre of fantasy.  When the time comes to write it, I’m just going to write it and not worry if it is a trilogy or not so I don’t lose my sanity.   It also isn’t going to be the next story I write.  It is now my third story I want to write.   I am outlining it and hoping to be done with the first book by the end of year 2018, the second book by 2019, and third book by 2020, and by this I mean the first draft with each book.  This is hilarious to read.  I should have two first drafts done by now.  Nope.  I do have good 30 page outline I did over ten years ago now.  This too has been with me for a long time.  It will be my third story I will work on.


Jagged Korean Lines will be a novel about two sisters and how they connect as adults. I plan on writing this after my trilogy.  I decided to write this next as my second story.  This is the one I’m devoting most of tomorrow to write.  It’s coming along, but I have a LONG ways to go.  I still kept this title.


Sequoia in the Sky will be a novel about a character named Sequoia during the hay day of the circus business. I plan on writing this after my two sisters story.  I have a feeling I will struggle with this story as it first was a screenplay as my love story.  I hope I will have learned my lesson after my love story rewrite so it doesn’t take so long.  I have to get more into the head of Sequoia than anything else.


Revelations of Five will be a novel about five people coming together. I plan on writing this after my circus story.  This will now be a novella or short story. 


Untitled Novel will be my serial killer and detective story. I have no idea when I plan on writing this, but it will get done eventually.  I look forward to writing this one.  It could be good, but so could all the rest of my ideas.  I just need to take the time to do more outlining of it.  I’m not a fan of strict outlines and have not gotten to the point of mastering it for my benefit.  I suppose it does help somewhat or else you end up in no man’s land and that’s not a good place to be.


Confessions of J Woman will be my revenge story. I also have no idea when I will write this, but it will get done eventually too.  This is going to be a novella or short story.  It will involve less rigid structure and will be my story to let loose. 


Untitled Novel will be about two brothers choosing a profession that tests their loyalty. It may become one of my short stories.  This is going to be a novella or short story and will definitely have a gritty feel to it.


Untitled Children’s Book that will be written eventually. My time line is becoming increasingly longer and ever changing.  I will be doing this probably when I’m retired.  Who knows?  It’s up for grabs.  If I don’t do it.  Not that much of a deal compared to the others.


I added an untitled novella or short story about a train escapist that I need to flush out.  It will probably not make much sense, but I figure it will be a weird story when it’s done.


I added an untitled novella or short story about a pugilist and academician that I need to flush out.  Not sure which way it will go meaning if it will have hints of romance or not.


The rest will be extra credit including a collection of short stories and poems. I will be sifting through my old poems and trying to make them presentable when I am in my 60s or 70s is what I imagine.  I’m not 60 yet and have decided to do a collection of short stories/flash fiction and poems this year.  So much for the extra credit.

And as the saying goes, that’s all folks.  If my revised timeline works, I should have, at least, my five novels done by 2030.  Then, it’s all down hill from there.  Just kidding.  The one thing I know is my stories will be done when they are done (give or take a few years and hopefully no more than five).  Thanks for sticking with me.


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