Journal Entry Type #42: Time to Wake Up!

I’ve had an interesting few last weeks, to say the least.  I’ve gone between feeling overwhelmed and pressured to relatively calm and going with flow for the majority this week.  I realized I’ve been stress eating and I finally weened myself off that disaster.  I was jogging outside but it’s getting warmer now (high 90s and low 100s).  This lock down crap has finally taken a toll on me mentally and physically.   Time to bounce back though. I have been creative, at least, in some areas this weekend.  I started a new coloring project despite needing to work on my rewrite and two collections.  I woke up at three this morning having a dream about the Coronavirus and writing which led me to thinking about my “cat and mouse” story idea.  The one about the serial killer and detective but first I have to finish my rewrite.  Luckily, I fell back to sleep.  This week my dreams have been off the charts in intensity and number.  I can barely keep up to write them down in my journal.  I’ve decided my main focus needs to be put back on my rewrite with the other projects as mini breaks when I need it.  In addition to finding toilet paper when I was searching for Probiotics yesterday, I thought about a song the radio sometimes plays.  A few songs in particular have been stuck in my head and have watched their music videos more than once this weekend.  I included them below and let’s see how long they stay up although you can find them on YouTube.  I usually only listen to music when I’m exercising or in the car.  I believe I need something to bring a different kind of energy back into my life because a part of me is feeling well, in hibernation.  I need to get out of my funk and maybe go to Funky Town.


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