Documentary Recommendation: Finding Oscar (2016)


Producers: Scott Greathead, Nick Loud, Frank Marshall, Martin Singer, Stephen D. Smith, Steven Spielberg, and Ryan Suffern

Director: Ryan Suffern

Writers: Mark Monroe and Ryan Suffern

I found out about this documentary by searching worthwhile documentaries to watch because let’s face it, I can only watch so many CSI episodes in any given time period. The title Finding Oscar is only part of the massacre that occurred in a small Guatemalan village of Dos Erres in December of 1982. This particular massacre was in retaliation of guerrillas killing 21 soldiers near Dos Erres and the Guatemalan Army’s response was to send in the Kaibiles, disguised as guerrillas, with the order to kill everyone. There’s knee and tearjerking footage and interviews of key members of the Kaibiles army and the few remaining survivors. The two children that survived was Ramiro Osorio Cristales and Oscar Alfredo Ramírez Castañeda. Despite the horrific devastation by the hands of the Guatemalan government, General Efraín Ríos Montt eventually lost his power and several presidents admitted the government’s responsibility for the massacre. Despite the formal apology, asking for forgiveness, and monetary retribution, the best part comes at the end where it becomes evident the circle has less of a gap and a little bit of justice has been achieved. I won’t spoil the ending except to say it ends on a high note.

I rate Finding Oscar: Four Fingers and One Thumb at 97%


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