Lake Mead in Nevada

I got out of the apartment today.  Went to Lake Mead.  I already forgot it’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. even though I work this coming Monday.  Therefore, I forgot it would be busier than usual and plus people have been cooped inside due to the C virus.  There were A LOT of tents, families grilling, music playing, and children swimming.  Someone set a large trash receptacle on fire by accident when I left.  Whoops.  I kept my social distancing and I was ill prepared for the rocks. They severely hurt my already messed up feet and said “ouch” one too many times.  Next time, I will bring flip flops and a towel.  I did see a lizard, heron take flight, and ducks searching for food.  I need to get out more in nature and I’m hoping by buying a yearly pass will get me to do this.  I also hope to find new hiking places in 2021.  Work lately has been kicking my ass and then some due to how busy it’s getting, but I guess busy is better than not busy.  Enjoy the pictures and at least I got to be around water even though it isn’t the Pacific Ocean.  That will come next year, I hope, along with a better year overall.




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