Book Recommendation: Star to Star

Publisher: Michael O’Mara (August 3, 2017)

Page Number: 64

As if I don’t have enough to do with my writing, coloring, reading, and exercising, I also like to buy books I will probably never use. Since I’ve gotten older, my eyesight has gotten even worse, and before all the numbers look the same, I better start connecting some dots in my free time. One of the reasons I got this book was to use it for inspiration for one of my stories. Somehow and someway my brain will have to manage my expectations once I get to that particular story, but in the meantime, I guess I can have fun creating all the astrological signs and reading simple facts about them. There’s a lot of damn stars in the sky and the only one I see every night is the Big Dipper from my apartment. Good thing I moved because seeing stars in Los Angeles doesn’t happen. They don’t exist to the human eye due to whatever reason, at least where I lived. If you like to keep your hands busy and eyes focused, this book is for you. I haven’t done one yet, but I look forward to it. The same goes for putting together my half put together from a year ago Mahjong puzzle. I keep saying after I finish my rewrite I will I do all the things I’ve been putting off. Time will tell but thought I should share this activity book.

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