Old Calendar of Psalms

If you aren’t religious or spiritual, then you probably don’t know about the Psalms. There are 150 Psalms in the Tanakh (Jewish bible) and Christian bible. They are the first book of Ketuvim (writings) in the Tanakh, which is in addition to the Torah (instruction) and Nevi’im (Prophets). When I bought a few 2018 calendars and never opened until now, one of them was various Psalms from the Christian bible. I looked up the translation from the Jewish bible and used those translations. They are used in prayers whether in a church, synagogue, or in the confines of a home/apartment. I decided to type some of them from the calendar and some I use personally. I no longer consider myself a Christian. I have blood relatives from a long time ago that were Jewish. Do I follow either religion to the T? Absolutely not. Do I believe in a higher power. Yes. Am I spiritual? Yes. Take it for what it’s worth, but to me hell is not reserved so much for after you die but while your living. On that note, here they are.

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