Poem: Number One

Fractions, multiplication, decimals with addition,
I come to you with a plea.
Help me unwarp my jumbled mind and
let me rest for a moment or two.
I cannot do it alone and it's dark during the day.
Dropped off numbers, pulled too far away, 
the next column reeks of confusion, 
following much too close behind me.
It is here where my loyalty decides,
my next move in the direction of a few and I 
come to you with an answer and some solace.
Four plus five is nine, minus two is seven,
add back three and the answer is ten.
Here is where my threshold rests, 
no more and no less, the number ten.
Don't leave me hanging, your straight line
is what I need to continue.
The dotted line could soon appear for both
of us but only one figure is needed.

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