Weekly Facts #24

McDonald’s is not known for their healthy food. The menu item with the most calories seems to be the large triple thick raspberry milkshake at 1,090 calories although if you eat anything in large portions, it will pack a bunch of calories. The breakfast meals, frappes, and large orders of any menu item will put you over the top for daily calories by the end of the day.

Any free-moving liquid including water will form itself into a sphere in outer space. This is because of its surface which is like an elastic skin.

It would take around and hour for an object to fall to the deepest part of the ocean although this is depending on the weight of the object among other factors.

Brazil is the larger than all the 48 contiguous states in the United States. Brazil has a landmass of about 3.53 million square miles where the US (contiguous) has around three million square miles.

The brain tells your body how to function by nerves. The brain has four lobes: front, parietal, occipital, and temporal. It uses about 25% oxygen in order to work properly. If it doesn’t get that amount it goes into cerebral or brain hypoxia.

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