Weekly Facts #25

I’m a little behind in my weekly facts so two this week!

Mercury poisoning is a slow process. The long terms effects can be uncontrollable shaking, numbness on the skin, double vision, memory problems, seizures, coordination issues, and in some cases death. This is also the reason to be careful about eating certain fish.

Back in the day, there were barber surgeons (not well trained) and physicians (well trained). The poor and common people had to rely on the barber surgeons for medical treatment such as teeth pulling, amputation, and bloodletting.

The first Rolls Royce in 1906 sold for $784 and would be around $295,000 today.

The first hair dryer/blow dryer was created in the 1890 by Alexander F. Godefroy in France. This version you had to sit down and was not portable. The first handheld hair dryer was used in 1920.

After the first mechanical dishwasher was created in 1850, by Joel Houghton, it was Josephine Cochrane and George Butters that created a better one in 1886. It was displayed at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

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