Book Recommendation: Political Philososphy


Publication Date: December 1, 2012

Publisher: Icon Books Ltd

Page Number: 173

So what is political philosophy? It is the study of a variety of topics such as the obvious politics and philosophy. These philosophers ask questions about individual rights in communities, authority and enforcement of laws, government protection and involvement, and more. The two most known philosophers is Plato and Aristotle but the book also discusses Machiavelli, Hobbes, Cromwell, Locke, Rosseau, Hegel, Marx, Mill, Burke, Bentham, and Nozick. I really didn’t get a definitive answer of what is the best form of government or how much a State should interfere with its citizens because it depends who you are and where you are living. Democracy has its flaws and yet the little political power citizens have compared to more powerful institutions, organizations, and families, many believe that something little is better than nothing. A good thing to think about come November if you live in the United States. The essence of the political philosophy is this: it is wide ranging and the more questions you ask, the more muddy it tends to become. This isn’t a subject that produces answers you grab and showcase where the meaning will never change. Again, it’s part politics, part philosophy/theory, part government with assumptions, arguments, and opinions. It’s basically an interdisciplinary study where relationships are key.


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