Weekly Facts #40

The most abused drug in the world is caffeine.  There’s about 47 mg of caffeine in 8 ounces of black tea and 96 mg of caffeine in 8 ounces of coffee.  Green tea has less caffeine at 28 mg and obviously decaf has the least amount of caffeine.  

Emerson Spartz flew from Chicago to London to buy the 5th Harry Potter book.  He is the founder of the Dose and MuggleNet (a Harry Potter fan site). It is the longest distance someone traveled to buy a book at 3,950 miles. 

Women apologize to others more than men and men get in more fights during stressful situations than women.

Bootylicious, bitch-slap, emoji, fake news were added to the Oxford dictionary within the last 20 years. 

Panama hats are also called Ecuadorian hats and usually worn in the summer due to their lightness and breathability.

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