Poem: The Quick Life and Death of Tojo in Words

 I look to you not as a hero.
 I interact with you to find the answer.
 I am not of your blood, not even close.
 I most resemble the blood of your enemy.
 You began as a baby in December. 
 You cried in the year of 1884. 
 The other 11 months you fought as a man.
 You lived a long life, longer than your victims.
 You tried to end your life in 1945.
 Three years later your death was in another's hands.
 You felt the noose tightening.
 You suffocated for your madness.
 I am familiar with your degradation. 
 I know the denial of self-ruin.
 Your family wants a make-believe innocence.
 You are a warring invader, not the sacrifice.

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