Day: December 30, 2020

Weekly Facts #53

Because 2021 is a New Year and I want to focus on other things, I’m taking a break from submitting weekly facts. I will probably start this up later, but until then, this is going to be the last one for a while. I… Continue Reading “Weekly Facts #53”

Weekly Facts #52

The average person dreams around 1,460 to 2,190 times a year. The first people to use straws to drink liquids were done by the Sumerians and Egyptians. They used it to drink their beer. Around 3.6 million Japanese people eat KFC and strawberry shortcake… Continue Reading “Weekly Facts #52”

Journal Entry Type #71: A Long Road Ahead

I can’t tell you how much I’m excited for 2020 to be over and done with. Why? It means so many new things can begin. It’s hard to look at the New Year the same way as past New Years. Movies that were made… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #71: A Long Road Ahead”

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