Journal Entry Type #71: A Long Road Ahead

I can’t tell you how much I’m excited for 2020 to be over and done with. Why? It means so many new things can begin. It’s hard to look at the New Year the same way as past New Years. Movies that were made thirty and forty years ago but set in 2000s have come and gone. Luckily, the world isn’t at the point of being a complete apocalyptic mess. Although many of us are still living in a raging pandemic where the COVID virus has taken people hostage. There are over 80 million cases and close to 1.8 million deaths worldwide. I really want my turn at the vaccine, but I know more vulnerable populations come first. No one is looking to the U.S. for help on how to control and curb the virus. I’ve said to myself WTF way too many times this year. I want to do less of that in 2021.

For the first time in a long time, I got excited and hopeful the other day. My spirit was more upbeat. I needed a reminder to swing to the side of positivity instead of negativity. I’ve made strides with my rewrite. I’m plugging along. I found a copywriter/proofreader for my nearly finished story. It’s taken much longer than I wanted it to be, but as my first novel, I suppose it should take longer. Three years longer, I’m not so sure. I have learned much about the writing process and know the steps I took to make it better will serve me with my future stories. I have five more novels and six novellas to write. I have more collections and maybe turning one of my novels into a trilogy. Certain things about my writing have become less important and while this is good, I still dream of lofty rewards.

I wanted to put in more entries about movies I’ve seen and colorings I’ve finished before the end of the year. It looks like that won’t happen. I haven’t watched any new movies or colored since I’ve gotten into the mindset of my rewrite. I’m finding myself no longer hesitant to put my writing out there. It is what it is and if people don’t like it, oh well. I won’t let it bruise myself to the point of stopping what I want to do, which is writing (even though it’s a tedious and enduring process). I’m not making New Year resolutions although I spent hours creating my own exercise and eating logbook. I have a feeling I won’t be spending as much time on my blog in the coming year as in the past until COVID is more under control. I’m still not working and, in some respects, it’s a blessing as it’s given me more free time. It’s also a curse, so to speak, as I don’t have a schedule to follow. My body and mind definitely feel the effects of being pent up. I look forward to life after COVID.

With this in mind, I wish everyone a great beginning of the New Year. I hope it is less of a continuation of 2020 and more of a resetting after a major interruption. I get the world problems aren’t going to go away because December 31st is now January 1st. We should remain critical of our decisions and those of others but not overly judgmental with either one. And if your wondering, the door should hit 2020 on its ass on its way out. That’s the least that should happen. It’s only fair. However, the COVID virus needs to be widely exterminated, deprived of its life, weakened to its core, and hundreds of other phrases equaling death. Again, almost Happy New Year (as I’ll be writing for most of the day tomorrow) and best wishes for everyone reading this.

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