Last Six Movies I’ve Watched

I’ve spent the last two weeks watching movies and rewriting. Now that we are even closer to the New Year, December deadlines are fast approaching. Some I will meet and others in the beginning of January. I ended up sitting outside on my little balcony in a tank top, soaking up that crisp 45-degree air last night. For some reason I felt the need to sit alone in the dark and get some solitude. Anyway, here are the movies I recently watched. Some were mediocre, some were good, and some were great. Antebellum and Skin could have dug even deeper into their stories. Love, Simon and Little Italy were predictable movies but still watchable. Dark Waters and Wonder Woman were the best because of their story and overall content.

Little Italy (2018) is a rom-com about two adult children whose Italian fathers are still at war with each other. It’s rated R and is one hour and 42 minutes. The highlight is Alyssa Milano as the overbearing Italian mother. If you’re into Hayden Christensen, well Hayden Christensen too, as the male eye candy. There’s not much more you can include in this genre of movie that hasn’t already been done.

Antebellum (2020) is a mystery about a black woman who finds herself being held captive and her goal to escape. It’s rated R and is 1 hour and 45 minutes. The highlight is the cinematography and 80% of the story. It ended too abruptly for me and wish it had included more depth of Janelle Monáe’s character as Veronica as it did with Eden.

Wonder Woman (2017) is a action/fantasy about an Amazonian woman named Diana and what happens when she goes outside of the lifestyle her mother has created for her. It’s rated PG-13 and is 2 hours and 21 minutes. The highlights are Gal Gadot and the special effects.

Love, Simon (2018) is a coming-of-age drama about a teenager who has an online pen pal. They exchange their feelings and emotions with being closeted. It’s rated PG-13 and is one hour and 50 minutes. The highlight is its realism. Some things will never change in high school. There will always be pure pressure, after school drinking, sexual escapades, and acceptance by others.

Skin (2018) is a biographical drama about man who leaves his skinhead family even when it jeopardizes his own life. It’s rated R and is one hour and 58 minutes. The highlight is Jamie Bell’s portrayal as Byron Widner. He adds conflicted rawness to his characters very well.

Dark Waters (2019) is a biographical drama about a lawyer who takes on a case regarding DuPont’s negligence. It’s rated PG-13 and is two hours and 6 minutes. The highlights are seeing the actual people in that were affected by DuPont’s disregard for human life in the movie and the perseverance of Rob Bilott to hold the major players accountable.

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