Documentary Recommendation: Who Put the Klan into Ku Klux Klan (2018)

This documentary explores the origins of the Klan and how it connects with immigrants from Scotland. Neil Oliver researches the Deep South in the United States as he ties the past with the present. The focus is obviously on the racial divisions between the North and South. He starts with mid-1800s and works his way through the various waves of the KKK as it often happens in any kind of movement. What began as a disguised and secretive membership became more vocal and revealing to those who opposed them. It’s height was in the 1920s, but it will never retreat from where it came. Economic hardship and the Civil Rights Movement helped drive the organization to minimal numbers compared to earlier traction. It’s an hour long and does not beat any topic to death. It could have included more interviews but had enough substance. Maybe, one day I will get the chance to visit the Deep South and visit some museums to get a better picture of its history.

I rate Who Put the Klan into the Ku Klux Klan THREE FINGERS at 80%.

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