Journal Entry Type #76: Nerding Out and Kicking Something

I had all intentions of writing more blog entries in the end of January. I kept saying to myself, there’s three days left. Then three days left became two days left and two days left became one day left. Sunday I spent most of the day putting together Lego Yoda. By the time I’m done with it, it will look like the below. I plan to put Yoda on the top of my bookshelf.

I finally did some grocery shopping along with about five other things I’ve been putting off. I’ve started my second story although I’m trying to get through the 100 so pages I’ve already written and see what I can use and what I should throw away. I basically need to force myself to do a rough outline chapter by chapter. I have my journal ready so I fill the remaining pages and start a new one. Enough with the blue peacock, already. I want a new design to look at until I get sick of it.

112 current journal

I recently had more lip balm and lotion sent to me for my severely dry skin. No one believes me at how insanely dry skin I have. Since moving to the desert, it’s only gotten worse. I’ve acquired really bad eczema and my lips crack even more. My skin looks terrible. If anyone else is going through what I am, check out Eucerin for your hands, Cortibalm for your chapped lips, and Clotrimazole for your angular cheilitis. Vasoline and Vitamin A+D also helps for angular cheilitis.

This is about all I have for the first day of February. The shortest month of the year and if January hasn’t been enough of an indicator of how 2021 has been going, have faith in the rest of the year. For all the disheartening news (not fake news) and deaths happening (people I know from other illnesses and those around the world due to COVID), remember the average life expectancy ranges from mid 50s to mid 80s.

Don’t squander your days but don’t stress yourself out that you have a hard time finding purpose and meaning in daily life. I recently saw this man who turned 100 and as his wish he wanted to jump out of an airplane. He got that wish and it was awesome to see because a lot of people don’t live to that age and those that are much younger don’t have that adventure and drive. Without sounding repetitive, go out there and do your thing you were meant to do.

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