Poem: Bromance

I said to myself those words.  
It's the same phrase I repeated.
"What a dumbass." 

It reminds me how it changed me. 
How low they have become and immersed in self-pity.
These people I didn't care about a year ago, I pay 
attention to these mannequins.

"Are they really saying that?"  
No, they can't be.  They wouldn't be so stupid.
I have to say again.  I use a different word with the same meaning.

"They wouldn't be so moronic."  
"Would they?"

He became a man who kissed the dirty hand.
Within the last month, he rejected the ground they shared in common.
Within the last week, I saw he was worthless.

The rest of them,
No backbone, no pride, no pool too shallow.

I have the same words to say.
It's not much different than what I thought before.
Maybe it is and I'm too chickenshit to share it.

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