Poem: C is for Culture

I saw that flag being held.  I've seen it on trucks.  I've seen it on T-shirts.  
I know what it stands for and what it means.  
I know all of those things because I have to know.
I'm on the other side.  The good side to most.  The bad side to more than a few.
I wish I could say this was the end.  We are opening a new door.
We are not.  It's only the beginning.  
A century long war over power beat into the minds of one day.
The day everyone will remember.  
The day that will take years to quell the disturbance and noise.
The day I saw that Confederate flag in the Capitol.
The rioter holding it proudly.  He had something to say and say he did.
He talked himself right into the grips of three hots and a cot. 
Flags like that need to stay at home.
Someone should've alerted him about its consequences.
He's a grown man.  He knows what the flag represents.
It means the "good ol' days" where "men were men" and "women were women." 

I have another flag in my arsenal.  I haven't seen it on any car.  
I haven't even seen it on T-shirts.  
I created it within me and I know what it doesn't mean.
I know all the things it represents.  I can be on all sides.
I can see all sides.  I am all sides and recognize them.
I'd never say the door is closing.  It isn't. 
It is open somewhere and I am also somewhere.
We have more days to remember.  The collective we.  The you and me.
The days that don't care who changed the direction.
We can say your culture was never my culture to embrace,
But I see it.  I know it.  I hear it.  I feel it.  
It means the grown-ups will challenge but at what human cost.

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