Random Calendar Info #43

If you find yourself in a minefield, keep your eyes on your feet and do not move any farther. Look for spikes, detonators, wires, bumps, or discoloration in the ground. Avoid all of these and back up slowly in your own footsteps by walking backward. Do not turn around.

If you find yourself in wet cement. Yell for help and stay above the surface. Keep your eyes and mouth closed as cement. If people have sugar, pour it into the cement to slow hardening. Vigorously wash burns with soap and water for 30 minutes because wet cement can cause third-degree burns and skin ulcers. Seek medical attention immediately after you are out of the wet cement.

If you see a downed power line, use a nonconductive material like wood to separate the person from the electrical source. Avoid direct contact with the person’s skin until everything is disconnected to not get shocked. Check the pulse and begin rescue breathing and CPR if needed.

IF you find yourself being attacked by birds, close your eyes and cover your ears. Run away from the area nesting and forgaging areas the birds are protecting.

If you find yourself in a sandstorm, wet a bandana and place it over your mouth and nose. Use a petroleum jelly to coat your inside nostrils and link arms if you are with other people. Move to higher ground if you can.

If you are lost in the mountains, tell someone not going with you where you will be. Find a shelter and try to stay dry. Signal for help using three fires arranged in a tirangle from the highest point possible. Don’t wander from where you got lost.

If you find yourself in a riptide, don’t swim toard the shore but parallel to the shore to escape. Don’t fight against the current toward shore and if you can’t swim out of it, float on your back. Rip currents usually subside 50 to 100 yards from shore. Once out, swim sideways back to the shore.

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