Random Calendar Info #42

If you cut yourself during shaving, rinse the cut with cold water. Apply alum salts or talcum powder to stop the blood flow and apply toilet paper to the cut. Wait a few minutes and remove the paper after getting it wet.

If you find yourself driving on blown tired, go straight and accelerate smoothly to maintain control. Stay on the paved surface and after all the rubber is off the wheels (a mile or two), you should have more control of your car. Pull over as soon as possible.

If you find yourself being charged by an animal, don’t try to outrun it. A bear and rhino can reach 35 mp, moose can reach 50 mph, and cheetah can reach 72 mph. In an elephant stampede, climb a tree, hide in a sturdy structure, and as a last resort lie down and protect your face.

If you need to jump into a river, jump feet first for obvious reasons. Keep your body vertical and squeeze your feet together. Clench your buttocks and cover your crotch with your hands. Spread your arms and legs out to generate resistance when you hit the water.

If you find yourself in a plummeting elevator, flatten against the floor and cover your face and head to protect them from ceiling parts that may fall.

If you find yourself in a car hanging over the edge of a cliff, don’t shift your weight or make any sudden movements. Get out of the car if the front doors are over land. Go to the back of the car and open the rear door if it is safe and get out slowly. If this isn’t safe, break the window and climb out quickly.

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