Poem: Stage Fright

Pushed from behind the curtain onto the wooden floor,

I wasn’t ready to be on the center stage.

They did their best to repair the wear and tear.

The creaking of the boards were still heard,

by the time I made my way in front of the audience.

My heart thumped and my ears were sweaty.

I only had less than an hour to memorize my lines,

while the other actors had enough time.

They were prepared for anything to happen.

I couldn’t have been less prepared,

the right size of ammunition to flee the scene.

This kind of pressure bothered me.

There had to be an escape route somewhere hidden,

my family was in the audience.

One time I hid behind a curtain.

It didn’t help any because they saw me,

my silhoutte behind the curtain and my feet sticking out.

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