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More You Know: The Solar System

The solar system is made of basically planets, dwarf planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and one star called the sun. The solar system in moves around the Milky Way Galaxy (spiral galaxy) at about 515,000 mph or 828,000 kph. It takes around 230 million years… Continue Reading “More You Know: The Solar System”

More You Know: Biggest Loser Winners

Speaking of weight loss, here are the winners of the Biggest Loser.  Unfortunately, as many Americans and other countries have trouble losing and then keeping it off (lifestyle changes and consistency seem to be major issues for many), the majority of winners gained some… Continue Reading “More You Know: Biggest Loser Winners”

More You Know: Hollywood Regrets and Passes

At one point in their lives, these actors and actresses regretted being in movies or TV series for one reason or another.  Sometimes it was because they didn’t have faith in the movie when filming ended, didn’t like certain scenes in which they acted,… Continue Reading “More You Know: Hollywood Regrets and Passes”

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