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Short Poem: The Blind Date

The Blind Date She told me to not be so damn perfect. It wasn’t that I was trying all that hard. I told her this.  I truly did.  I did. I did, I did, I did, I did, and I did. You think she… Continue Reading “Short Poem: The Blind Date”

Poem: I Ask When

I Ask When This too shall pass, they told me. When I asked why, there was nothing but silence. This was why it never went beyond the first question. On that day, I never received anything substantial. I wanted more and rightly so, but… Continue Reading “Poem: I Ask When”

Poem: Yellow Bird

If a bird landed on my shoulder, what color would it be?  And what would he do?  It might defecate on my new white crispy shirt from my favorite brand name store.  It could stand on one foot attached to a spindly leg, then the… Continue Reading “Poem: Yellow Bird”

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