Five Movies in Two Weeks

I’ve been watching movies here and there in the last few weeks.  Because time is always a factor for me, I am ranking them in the order of least to most liked.  They were watched on Netflix, Hulu, or from my own shelves.  There’s a short synopsis for each one and why I rated them the way I did.



The Sisters Brothers (2017)/Les frères Sisters (original title) is about the Sisters brothers, Eli and Charlie, during the 1850s.  Hired by a man named The Commodore, they chase a man, a gold prospector, named Hermann Warm on the west coast.  It is written by Jacques Audiard and Thomas Bidegain and directed by Jacques Audiard.  While I really like all the main actors in this movie, the story went in a different direction I thought it would go.   It wasn’t necessarily bad, but after this path was taken, the tension built throughout the movie had deflated.  I still wanted to see how it would end, but the ending was a little abrupt.

I rate The Sisters Brothers Three Fingers at 75%.


# 4


The Hills Have Eyes (1977) is about a family getting stuck on their way to California after their car breaks down.  Both families want to survive, but there can be only one.  Oh, the suspense.  It is written and directed by Wes Craven.  There were hokey parts in this movie, but that’s a given.  I knew pretty much how it would end.  There would be a few survivors in both families, and the ones that did survive would hopefully live to see another day,  After you get past the terror of the family behind the walkie talkies, the real battle begins.  The story progressed nicely although I have to say they could have made the recently stranded father a little more likable.

I rate The Hills Have Eyes Three Fingers at 80%.




An Education (2009) is story about a teenage girl living with her overprotective and overbearing father in the 1960s.  When she meets an older man, her life unravels piece by piece.  It is adapted from the memoir by Lynn Barber and script written by Nick Hornby.  It is directed by Lone Scherfig.  I like movies based from memoirs.  It’s not a new story, where a highly intelligent sheltered teenager wants to find her own way instead of following what her parents want, but the pressures involved still resonate.  The power dynamic between Jenny Mellor and David Goldman continues until the end.

I rate An Education Four Fingers at 87%.



doctor zhivago

Doctor Zhivago (1965) is about a Russian doctor and poet who falls in love during a revolution and war.  It is everything an epic movie would be.  It is adapted from the novel by Boris Pasternak and script written by Robert Bolt.  It is directed by David Lean.  Some characters begin their life with a troubled childhood and that is Yuri Zhivago.  He becomes a doctor even though his mentor persuades him not to and soon has a family of his own.  The movie goes back and forth in time, eventually solving the mystery of who really is “the girl.”

I rate Doctor Zhivago Four Fingers at 90%.




Marathon Man (1976) is about a graduate history student caught in the middle of an conspiracy involving stolen diamonds, a Nazi war criminal, and a rogue government agent.  It is adapted from the novel by William Goldman and script written by William Goldman.  It is directed by John Schlesinger.  This is the only movie in these five that I’ve seen twice.  The opening scene is excellent and as the movie progresses the whys and hows are answered.  The ending scene between Szell and Babe is as powerful as ever.

I rate Marathon Man Four Fingers and One Thumb at 100%.



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