Best and Worst Countries to Live. Where Does Your Country Rank?

I’ve thought here and there other places I wanted to live over the years.  At one point in my life, I wanted to move back to South Korea and live there for a few years.  I wanted to teach English there and I’d learn Korean and a lot more than the few classes I took past high school.  I’d like to get back there at some point in my life again.  I’m still trying to find the time to learn new languages.  I’ve always wanted to live in New York City, but I can’t afford it.  I still need to visit, but the long plane trip doesn’t thrill me.  I will have to think of the positives of not driving there.  I make the best of where I am, knowing it could be much worse.  I looked up different rankings of countries: best and worst to live in general and since I’m a woman what are the best and worst countries for roughly half the population. The United States made both lists (best and worst).  The Freedom in the World according to their 2018 statistics state 45% of countries are free, 30% are partly free, and 25% are not free.  This breaks down into 39% of the population as free, 24% partly free, and 37% not free.  The sources are noted on top and this took a lot longer than I thought.  Feel free to like it if you do.  If not, then don’t.








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