Day: December 23, 2019

Flash Fiction: We Were Worms

It just wasn’t sitting in the classrooms that I loved.  It was the whole process taking place before I sat down on the uncomfortable wooden chairs in elementary school that became even more uncomfortable plastic chairs in middle school.  Every year I got a…

Short Story: White Light

This is loosely based on a dream I had and then it morphed into something different.  My original dream was being stuck in underground tunnels with zombies and having to fight my way through them to survive.  It went from luring them into rooms…

Journal Entry Type #27: What’s the Real Debate Here? Should There Even be One? NY Resolutions Anyone?

Not too long ago, I asked my mom to send me two books from my “original bedroom.”  The one still in the MN with a lot of my belongings still there.  I loathe for the day when my parents sell the house as they…

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