Day: December 30, 2019

FYI: Smallest, Smartest, Strongest Dogs

Here they are in all their glory.  The large ones.  The small ones.  The strongest ones.  The smartest ones.  The laziest ones.  Is there such a thing as an ugly dog?  Maybe.  There are breeds I love and some others not to much.  The… Continue Reading “FYI: Smallest, Smartest, Strongest Dogs”

Journal Entry Type #28: New Years Past and Present

December 30, 2019: Journal Entry #28: New Years Past and Present I find old advertisements interesting and scary at the same time. The thing that hasn’t changed is pumping up smoking, that it’s something glamorous and makes you look sexy. Sure, they pick thin… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #28: New Years Past and Present”

Poem: Gut

The fear, we saw and heard it, something no one wanted to embrace. Even if we could forget, no one did. It remained, our memories not destroyed in the fire, our voices heard by no one. Under the moon, it lasted a while, maybe… Continue Reading “Poem: Gut”

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