Journal Entry Type #28: New Years Past and Present

December 30, 2019: Journal Entry #28: New Years Past and Present


I find old advertisements interesting and scary at the same time. The thing that hasn’t changed is pumping up smoking, that it’s something glamorous and makes you look sexy. Sure, they pick thin women with long fingers, but have you ever smelled someone’s breath after they smoke and drink coffee. It reeks and then some. No one uses models with yellow teeth and feathered hair because then no one would buy cigarettes. 2020 is the Year of the Rat. They weren’t responsible for Bubonic plague that ravished Europe. If you want to blame anyone, blame fleas and the humans that carried them on their bodies. Just think how the people experiencing the year 1900 felt, a new century starting with new inventions. The Eastman Kodak company started in this year and the American postage stamp cost one cent. Forward 120 years later as we’re already 19 years deep in experiencing a new century for those of us born before 2000. Kodak has evolved many times over and the American postage stamp is not one cent but 55 cents. The moral of this sentence is buy Forever stamps. The photos by Dorothea Lange during the Great Depression of the 1920s are still remembered. They tend to last forever even digital ones unless you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet and watch it for a while or worse lose it and have no way to find it because turning on the locator thing is too much work or you do a combination of something and don’t store your information on an external drive. As I head into 2020, I’m less interested in reaching my goals for the whole year in the month of January and focusing on what I need to do each day in January. There are 31 days in the month so I better prepare myself to use every minute of every day and of course, have a little fun along the way. I’m ready 2020. Come and get me.


If only gum was five cents again.  What’s with scythe carrying white bearded men? 
What is kind of gum flavor is P.K.?


Heinz Ketchup has been around for a while, but let’s be honest, this baby doesn’t have the strength to hold a ketchup bottle this big.  I also don’t remember ketchup being something you use for the holidays. 


Welcome 1949!  Instead of getting electric shock therapy, have a cigarette and kiss a man instead to celebrate the New Year?  What is a Treatment?  What a play on words?  We have Gold Rush, great Rush, and Old Gold.


Ride ’em Cowgirl.  Time moves fast in Las Vegas.  Come to The Sands Hotel for a New Year’s Eve celebration.  Bring your cowgirl hat or else you won’t get in.


Another cigarette ad telling you to watch your weight and instead of overeating, grab a Lucky Strike.  We know nicotine helps you stay thin and Lucky Strikes less dangerous because of its heating process from this ad. 


I’m going to end this with me having the desire to go out every New Years’ Eve to see the fireworks, but every year I watch them on the comforts of the TV the older I get.  The same will happen probably this year so to everyone around the world, Happy New Year very soon!


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