Day: December 26, 2019

Actor/Actress Roles: Where Everyone Loses and Wins

For most of us who get rejected or bypassed for a job, it doesn’t feel good.  Hollywood actors and actresses go through the same thing, except on a different level.  Here are some of the roles they really wanted but didn’t get as well… Continue Reading “Actor/Actress Roles: Where Everyone Loses and Wins”

Movie Review: Knives Out (2019)

Quote from Knives Out by Benoit Blanc “This is a twisted web, and we are not finished untangling it, not yet.” There are not major spoilers in this review! It only took me two weeks to see Knives Out when it came out because… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Knives Out (2019)”

FYI: Oh, How You’ve Changed, Las Vegas

I recently took a stroll down Las Vegas strip today (not including Fremont) and got me thinking of all the hotels and casinos that have come and gone.  Here’s a list of the hotels and casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard.  Not included are the… Continue Reading “FYI: Oh, How You’ve Changed, Las Vegas”

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