Paring Down the Movie With a Knife

Don’t get me wrong, the whole cast was great, but Daniel Craig, Don Johnson, and Ana de Armas were the actors/actress who made the movie shine with their performances.  It wouldn’t have worked as well without the quirky detective, Benoit Blanc, or the solid relationship between Harlan Thrombey and Marta either.  The story was great, in the sense that it had enough twists and turns, to keep your mind guessing.  Maybe, I was tired that day, but I didn’t know who killed Thrombey until the end.  I guess I missed all the cues, but to those who figured it out way before I did, kudos.  I went into this movie basically knowing it was a “who done it” movie and expecting a good plot and that is what I got except better.  Besides the great dialogue and pacing of the movie, I was envious of the production design.  If I ever had the chance to live in a mansion, this is how I want it to be decorated.  The production designer, David Crank, had the task with narrow deadlines of mirroring Harlan’s larger than life personality with the appearance of the mansion’s exterior as well as the interior possessions.   For every piece of wooden furniture and relics collected over the years, Crank had to also seamlessly match the interior scenes built on a stage with actual locations.  And another great message about this movie is the last scene, even though you find out the answers, it’s still a mess to sort out for everyone directly and indirectly involved.

Evaluation of Knives Out


For all the reasons I listed above, yes, I’m recommending this movie to adults.  Again, Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and Don Johnson had solid performances.  The relationships and lack of between family remembers was what kept it entertaining.  The father and son relationship of Harlan and Walt Thrombey was one of my favorites relating to family members.  If money can be the root of all evil, then the anticipation of money can also be too.  How far are you willing to go, and once you’re there, is it worth it and especially when you can’t undo something.  This is what most everyone in the Thrombey family was asking themselves by the end.  Some of them should’ve done things differently.  Some of them should’ve been more assertive.  Others should’ve kept their mouths shut.  Seeing the family squabbles play out on screen is a part of why I saw this, finding the person(s) responsible for Harlan’s is the second, and the third is the comfort in knowing no family is perfect.