Poem: Horseless Headman


The poor man killed in battle and buried without his head.

He was the Headless Horseman.

This isn’t that tale, but it’s bastard cousin.

I present to you the tale of the Horseless Headman

Yes, the horse that had no tail or head or even body,

it only existed in the mind of the man,

the man with the head and a mustache.

The one where the headman prayed for his horse

in every corner of his town to reunite with his beloved creature.

Even with blisters on his feet, he kept searching.

He would have taken only the head, but he wanted it whole.

The headman had a wife and child.  She left her

in the care of the neighbor to search and search,

fearing her husband might never return.

It had been three long nights when came back no answer.

The door to her house was open.

She peered inside and saw a floating horse head,

with large onyx eyes.

She fell into her husband’s arm,  

her husband had not abandoned her,

he loved her after all as the horse head stared at her.


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