Poem: Don’t I?


Don’t I (matter)?

I should as I drift along in life,

with a pear and apple,

one in each because they are too small

to carry both in just one.

You used to call it something else,

something that I look upon

with more mature eyes and ears.

I was stupid.  You were stupid.

We were stupid.

Don’t I (deserve another chance)?

Not with your stupidity, but with my stupidity,

to let people know it was the biggest mistake.

I should’ve known better,

it was reckless and uncharacteristic of me.

It’s a part I can’t ever erase,

as much as I desire to make things right,

it won’t go back the way it was,

like toothpaste from a tube.

Don’t you (matter)?

Not a chance in heaven or hell,

not one ounce of liquid,

not one puff of air,

because I know what you’re thinking,

in all directions and times and spaces,

there was nothing wrong with it.

Don’t you (deserve another chance)?

I may give you a tiny slice of my attention,

but you were my worst mistake,

one I can’t ever undue, and for this I

have deep regret. 

Nothing was fun about it.

You are still a dumb ass in the highest

of places and if we ever meet again

in another life, I’ll be sure to stay

the away from you.




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