Netflix Recommendation: The Movies that Made Us (2019-)


Executive Producers: Jay Chapman, Benjamin J. Frost, Cisco Henson, and Brian Volk-Weiss

Directors: Brian Volk-Weiss

Writers: Benjamin J. Frost and Brian Volk-Weiss

TV Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 60 minutes per episode


This is a documentary show about the backstory and other information many people don’t know about unless you had the inside scoop or did your own research into these movies.  These are the movies that basically almost never got made.  You heard the Hollywood stories.  The scripts that no studio wants to touch, until one person usually finds something special about it.  A certain studio head leaves and all projects that were in the works are killed on land or dead in the water.  If they happen to hit pay dirt in the Box Office, those passing on it might find themselves without a job, while the producers who took a chance are skipping to the bank.  No one can be absolutely certain a movie will be successful or not, but so far all the movies covered were interesting.  Watching the behind the scenes of Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, Die Hard, and Home Alone didn’t disappoint and hearing the cast and crew talk about their experiences back then and how it shaped their lives was interesting.  I hope they release more episodes soon because I need something to watch since I need to wait to for Blacklist until March 2020.

I rate The Movies that Made Us Four Fingers GREAT at 90%.




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