FYI: The “I Word” No One Talks About Until Recently

A teacher from my high school currently teaches A.P. History and what a way for students to experience an actual impeachment process in the United States.  There have been now three presidents in the U.S. to be impeached although Donald Trump was basically half impeached (for practical purposes).  The Republican lead Senate is not going to find him guilty nor will they want to remove him from the White House.  It got me to thinking about other countries and how many times a President in other countries have been impeached or been a part of failed impeachment attempts.  Politics aside when a country has to look into impeaching a President, there is nothing good or happy about it.  None of us should be rejoicing because it means there was failure in leadership along the way no matter what party is guilty and what party is doing the investigation.  As you can see there are more Presidents who don’t leave their office once impeached versus those who resigned.  There were two more successful impeachments at 16 compared to failed impeachment attempts at 14.   Boris Yeltsin had the most number of impeachments against him with two attempts and one successful impeachment.  The United States had the most failed attempts and successful impeachments combined.  It’s not hard to imagine this will be written in the U.S. history books later.  I hardly remember the Clinton impeachment because I was focusing on the next phase of my life, which was going to grad school.  Fast forward to about 20 years later and here I am more in tune with what’s going on with this impeachment.  I don’t know how it will end, but I have a good idea.  On that note, I’m turning in early so goodnight.



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